In most cases we can resolve your issue remotely if your device meets the following criteria:

The computer is running either a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh Operating System You can power on, login and connect to the internet with the device in question.

You have access to the computer in order to help initiate a remote support session Benefits of remote support:

• No need to bring your computer to us
• Don’t have to wait for us to get to your location
• Most issues can be resolved remotely
• Shorter wait time for a technician to look at your issue

Examples of services we can provide remotely:

• Setting up email
• Configuring and checking backups
• Adjusting Operating System settings
• Installing, Updating, Removing software
• Basic virus removal
• Install Windows and driver updates
• Basic tune up

Please contact us regarding your issue. Once initial phone triage is complete we can help you initiate a remote support session, if needed.