Technology Considerations For Working Remote

Tech Tips for Working Remotely


We are heading home for the Holidays this year! With our laptop bags packed and our work-from-home stations ready to go, there are a few things to consider when it comes to dealing with technology while working remotely during these unusual times.

There are a lot of factors that can come into play when we bring our work-life, “home.” Technology isn’t perfect!

Keep reading to learn more about some of the preventive measures you can take as you begin your work-from-home journey with peace of mind.

Working From Home Technological Precautions

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The internet era and progress in technology has made it trivially simple for many of us to carry out our regular duties from the comfort of our couch. Even so, this luxury comes with its downsides, mainly by way of online security threats.

Online Threats/Security

While most of us have access to our own WiFi, some may be forced to tap into a public network to secure access. These public networks are prime spots for malicious parties to spy on internet traffic and collect confidential information. When connecting to the internet, make sure that your personal information is protected, but if possible, opt for a secured network.

Using AntiVirus Software

Firewalls do a great job protecting your computer from threats to your system, there is an extra layer of protection you can add to ensure your computer and information are safe. Antivirus software can act as the next line of defense by detecting and blocking known malware.

Backup Your Data

The last thing you need to happen is losing all your hard work on your laptop. Your data can be lost in a number of ways, including human error, physical damage to hardware, or the unfortunate event of a cyberattack. What a technological nightmare that would be. So what can we do to protect this from happening? Back up your data! We all know the importance of backing up our phones to save contacts and information of the like, and your computer is no exception. Tip: A convenient and cost-effective ways to store your data is in the cloud.

Be Weary of Emails and Websites

We are all spending a lot more time at home AND surfing the internet. There are a lot of malicious online predators out there waiting for an opportunity to strike and take over control of your information. Unfortunately, plenty of cybercriminals are lurking to gain access to company files and information through employers working from home. Tip: Common signs of a phishing site include lack of an HTTPS padlock symbol, misspelled words, and will often provide limited information.

The list could continue on, but you get the idea. Be mindful as you make the transition to work from home again this season. Take precautions and protect you, your technology, and even your company by paying close attention to what pop-ups and emails you are getting.

If you noticed signs of technology failure or a possible cyber-attack, reach out to I.T. Reboot to help you solve your technological dilemma. We are here to help in any way we can as we all adjust to working from home!