Stay Protected Online This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season of online shopping! Online shopping during the holiday season continues to grow in popularity. Since this year we’re spending more time shopping online than in store, keeping your information protected is more important than ever! Cybersecurity should be on your mind this season.

Christmas ShoppingCriminals and hackers continuously devise new schemes to compromise devices, steal passwords, and trick you into revealing valuable information. These predators are getting more creative in their endeavors to mine information from online shoppers. Keep reading for a few tips to keep in mind when you shop online this Holiday season.

Stay Protected While Online Shopping

We have put together a list of some of the best practices you can take to ensure your information is kept secure online and out of the hands of online criminals.

  1. Use two-factor authentication for online passwords when setting up accounts. This will make it more difficult for cyber threats to prey on your accounts. Think of this as an extra layer of protection over your personal information on your device.
  2. Email Inboxes are flooded with holiday deals and exclusive offers. Be mindful of what links you click on! Be cautious about all emails, even those that appear to be from people you know. These could be legitimate organizations, your favorite retailers, or even your bank. The messages could be spoofed and be malicious, especially during the holidays.
  3. Avoid link clicking, opt for URL’s instead. Limit your online shopping to companies you know and trust. Go to sites by directly typing a known, trusted URL into the address bar instead of link clicking.
  4. Don’t auto-save your personal information or passwords. It may seem convenient to save your passwords for sites that you visit frequently, but this is something to avoid. Think of it this way: The convenience of auto-filled information is insignificant compared to the time, stress, and frustration needed to repair the loss of stolen personal information.
  5. Ignore pop-ups! Unfortunately, we encounter these often. If a window pops up promising you cash, bargains, or gift cards in exchange for answering a survey or other questions, close it.
  6. UPDATE! Keep your devices updated and running the latest operating system. This is for your benefit! Added security and privacy measures accompany new updates are always a good idea to have up and running. Consider installing Anti-virus/anti-malware software as well for an added layer of protection over your personal information.

As you add to your shopping carts this holiday season, keep in mind cybersecurity and threats that are out there lurking online. Fortunately, many cyber threats are avoidable when the right steps are taken to ensure your information is safe in your hands.

Questions about your cybersecurity? Need help installing anti-virus software? We are here to help at I.T. Reboot! Reach out to us today for any questions regarding staying protected online this holiday season.