iOS 14 Tips and Tricks

Another iOS Update? That’s Apple for you. There is never a surprise when we get a notification on our devices concerning a new iOS update. Apple is constantly updating operating systems, and there is usually a lot to learn along with it. Remastering your phone or device when a new iOS update rolls out can be frustrating, especially when the most recent update wasn’t long ago.

Updates are meant to make technology easier to use. Unfortunately, these updates can be quite a headache for those who don’t have the time to master the new ones. At I.T. Reboot, we are here to make sure those updates alleviate the stress, not cause it! Keep reading to learn some tips and tricks for the latest iOS 14 update.


iOS 14 Updates Tips and Tricks

Picture in Picture Mode

With the new iOS 14 update, you can now watch and stream videos or even have a FaceTime call while using other apps. Instead of having to stay in an app, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to leave the app. The video will then automatically shrink down to a floating window that you can reposition as needed. Hello, multitasking!

*Unfortunately, this is not the case for YouTube streaming yet. But, to work around this, you can open up Youtube in Safari and watch a video that way instead of using the app.

Privacy Updates

There’s no denying we are all a little more protective over our devices. And with this new update, Apple provides us with the option to choose what we share. Prior to the iOS 14 update, approving an app’s location request meant you were allowing it to see exactly where you were. However, with the new update, you can allow them to only see a general area.

Check out this example from below. By selecting Precise location to off, you can stop apps from tracking your specific location.

New Apps

One of the most notable features of the new iOS 14 Apple update is the app features. With the new update comes a new app library and widgets for ease of access. These new features allow for a more organized home screen depending on your needs. For someone who works mostly through their mobile device, a feature like this can help to keep your device organized to your liking.

Widgets are an added feature that similarly allows for ease of access, but also allows you to make your home screens as aesthetic as you please. You can create your own stack of widgets using the same technique you’d use to create an app folder.


If you frequently text or message using emojis, this new feature is for you! Apple is stepping up the emoji game and now allows you to search for specific emojis. No more scrolling through pages to find what emoji you are looking for. Now all you need to do is open your emojis and search for an emoji to send. That’s it!


Updates don’t have to be intimidating, and they offer great benefits to improve the overall ease of use on our device. Not to mention, added security and privacy which is becoming increasingly important as we continue to shift online.


Have questions about specific iOS 14 updates? Reach out to us, we would love to help you master all the new features!