Helpful Tips for Setting up a New Computer

Did your Holiday dreams come true with a new computer or laptop? Dare we ask…has it been taken out of the box yet? When it comes to setting up a new PC or Laptop, there are a few things to keep in mind, but the most important is making sure that it is set up to your liking and has a sound security wall in place to protect you and your data.

Not everything that is programmed onto a new computer will be useful to you, so we’re going to break down the basics of what you need to know about getting your new PC or Laptop set up.

Internet Connection

 After all, what good is a laptop or computer if you can’t access the Internet? No matter what kind of laptop or computer you are setting up, getting a stable internet connection will be a very similar process. Just as you would go to the settings on your phone to connect to Wifi, you will do the same on your computer or laptop! Locate your Settings Menu (System Preferences for Macs) and from there look for Network & Internet (Network for Macs) When you have located this menu item, simply choose how you want to connect. This can be Wi-Fi, dial-up, mobile hotspot, etc.

If you are looking for a more stable connection to the internet, there is another network connection option: Ethernet. We will cover this in-depth in a future blog, but here is an article to give you an idea of

Updates & Security

Probably one of the most crucial steps to getting your new computer or laptop set up is establishing a secure connection by ensuring that your device is updated to the newest software to allow the security to “Do its thing.” Software companies are constantly sending out updates to fix any bugs or errors found within security settings. Update these! To find where your updates and security settings are, simply navigate in the Settings Menu and look for Update and Security (Security & Privacy for Macs). These updates are important to keeping your device not only in working order, but keeping your information safe as well!

Even if your device isn’t new…make sure you are taking these steps to keep it well maintained and protected by updating and having security set up!

Check out this article for some tips to ensuring your (Mac) device’s security is ramped up for 2021.


Apps, we love them but they can become clutter some after a while. One of the best parts of opening a new laptop or computer is the blank canvas it provides, however, you may find that some of the pre-downloaded apps aren’t your cup of tea. Apps that you don’t should just be deleted. This will free up storage on your computer or laptop. Within the navigation menu of your Settings, you will need to locate the Apps & Features section (App Store on Macs). Here, you’ll see a list of everything installed on your computer or laptop. Sort through what Apps you want to have installed and remove the ones you have no use for.

If you’re looking for the best apps for your device, you can simply look at the top charts in the App Store and search for the ones you need based on the category. Whether they are apps to help make your business life easier or to help you stay organized, there is an app for everything.


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