Building Custom Computers and How We Can Help

Are you on the fence on whether or not you should build your own computer or buy a pre-built system? Or maybe you’re ready to build the computer of your dreams, but aren’t sure where to start? We can help! Custom-built computers offer a number of benefits and advantages compared to buying a pre-built manufactured computer. If you need a new computer but want to make it truly “yours”, let us help you plan and build your next custom PC. We offer custom-built PCs for home and business use.

Components Needed for a Custom-Build PC

One of the key advantages you will have when choosing to build a custom PC is the option to choose exactly what parts will make up your PC. Working with a team like I.T. Reboot means we will do extensive research to ensure that your build comes out exactly how you want it. Here is some basic terminology to get you familiar with basic computer components.

Motherboard – This is where everything communicates and connects. Every component plugs into this circuit board.

Processor (CPU) – AKA the “brain” of your computer. It is the single most important component of your PC

Graphics Card (GPU) – Are you planning to use this computer for gaming purposes? If so, you’ll need a graphics processing unit

Storage –

Memory (RAM) – Not to be confused with Storage. Memory is like short-term information. The software uses memory to cache (temporarily store) data in a place it can be retrieved very quickly.

Power Supply (PSU) – This keeps the electricity running to every component. It also determines how quick and powerful your PC can be.

Case – Exactly what it sounds like. A metal box. It might be covered in glass panels and etched aluminum, but it just holds everything together.

Operating System – This is where you store all your files, your games, your movies, your documents, your photos, EVERYTHING. You can always upgrade this.

Benefits of a Custom-Built PC:

  • More options when choosing parts
  • More cost-effective
  • Easily upgradeable without having to source proprietary components

When deciding to build your own custom PC, there are a number of benefits lined up. Not only can it end up saving you money, but it allows for a lot more customizable features that a pre-built system might not have. Furthermore, upgrades will no longer be a hassle. When you choose a team to build a custom PC for you, you’ll know exactly which parts and components are used and how it is installed. What does that mean for you? If you determine that it isn’t performing to your liking, or if you decide you want an upgrade, replacing parts is a simple process.

Choosing I.T. Reboot To Help You Build

Building a PC means you have total control as the builder.  You can select parts based on exactly how you want your machine to operate. Let our team help build the computer of your dreams today! Visit our website and contact us to get started!